By using the latest SMART Repair techniques we only spray/repair the damaged area and not the whole panel which a bodyshop would have to do. This saves on both paint and time which means BIG SAVINGS for YOU!

We are able to undertake repairs to all vehicles and are services include:

SMART REPAIRS – Using the latest smart repair techniques we can undertake repairs to bumper scuffs, scratches, and dents to name but a few, repairing only the area that’s damaged and saving you both time and money.

ALLOY WHEEL COSMETIC REFURBISHMENT – We are able to repair kerb damage and scratches to painted alloy wheels as well as colour coding or changing the colour of your alloy wheels.

SMALL ACCIDENT DAMAGE REPAIRS – Using a mixture of body shop techniques and smart repair methods we can undertake small accident repairs on most vehicles, this could be anything from the replacement of a bumper following a collision to replacing a complete front end

COLOUR CODING – We can paint the colour of virtually any part of your vehicle to match the rest, so for instance we could change your bumper from black to body colour or repaint your mirrors 

MODIFICATIONS AND CUSTOMISATION – This could include anything from adding spoilers or a full body kit to Face lifting your vehicle to look newer

RESTORATIONS – although we specialise in Vw’s over the years we have restored some pretty interesting vehicles from the 1920’s on. We are able to undertake most repairs from a full restoration to a re-commsion

CONVERSIONS – We specialise in the conversion of VW based vehicles but have converted some pretty interesting vehicles over the years. We are able to undertake most conversions from just fitting side windows and carpet lining to full on Camper conversions, 

WELDING – Wether you need a hole patching for an mot or a full on restoration then we are able to assist with your welding needs.

Currently due to the Corona virus pandemic we are not repairing vehicles at your home or business addresses, however we are collecting vehicles and undertaking repairs at our premises.